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In 1985, six crewmembers on board the Soviet Salyut-7 space station witnessed something incredible. Cosmonauts Leonid Kizim, Oleg Atkov, Vladimir Solovyov, Svetlana Savitskaya, Igor Volk and Vladimir Jannibekov were doing their routine work, and laboratory experiments, when suddenly a cloud of orange mist enveloped the entire station.

Oleg Jurjevitš Atkov (s. 9. Toukokuuta 1949 Hvorostjanka, Neuvostoliitto) on entinen neuvostoliittolainen kosmonautti. 14 suhteet. Oleg Yu. Atkov Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education Email: [email protected] ORCID iD: 0000-0002-5211-2560 Russian Federation, 2/1, Barrikadnaya st., Moscow, 125993 MD, PhD, Professor. Svetlana G. Gorokhova Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education Author for correspondence.

Its crew consisted of Commander Leonid Kizim, Flight Engineer Vladimir Solovyov and Research Cosmonaut Oleg Atkov. The crew entered a dark, empty space station with flashlights, noticing a "burnt-metal odor" inside. According to commander Oleg Atkov and cosmonauts Vladmir Solovyov and Leonid Kizim, the space station was completely bathed in a mesmerizing orange light. It appeared to enter from outside the space station and bled through an absolutely opaque wall. Orange Light. For a short period of time, the orange light was so bright that it blinded the crew.

Atkov, Oleg 1 M-USSR Soyuz T10 Aubakirov, Toktar 1 M-USSR TM-13 Avdeyev, Sergei 3 M-CIS TM-15 TM-22 TM-28 Bagian, James 2 M-US STS-29 STS-40

اولگ آتکوف (به انگلیسی: Oleg Atkov) فضانورد اهل اتحاد شوروی است که در ۵ مهٔ ۱۹۴۹ میلادی در خوروستیانکا زاده شد. وی در مأموریت سایوز تی-۱۰، سایوز تی-۱۱ حضور داشته‌است.. جستارهای وابسته. فهرست فضانوردان Oleg Atkov is a cosmonaut who was born on May 9, 1949, in Khvorostyanka, Russia. Atkov became a cosmonaut in 1983. In 1984, he became the first medical doctor to spend more than two days in space. He spent over 236 days aboard the Salyut 7 space station.

By comparison, Kizim's Soyuz T-10 flight four years later was a much longer mission: he, Solovyov and Oleg Atkov set the then-record for the world's longest spaceflight. Their 237 days in space began with their launch on Feb. 8, 1984, followed a day later by docking with Salyut 7. Oleg Atkov M.D. Cardiology Research Complex, Moscow, Russia. Search for more papers by this author. Victor Gusakov M.S. Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center, Russia. Search for more papers by this author. Gennagiy Konovalov M.S. Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center, Russia. Oleg (Russian: Олег), Oleh (Ukrainian: Олег), or Aleh (Belarusian: Алег) is a East Slavic given name.The name is very common in Russia, Ukraine and Belаrus.It derives from the Old Norse Helgi (), meaning "holy", "sacred", or "blessed".The feminine equivalent is Olga.While Germanic in origin, "Oleg" is not very common outside of Eastern European countries.

This is a list of crewed and uncrewed flights of Soyuz series spacecraft.. The Soyuz programme is an ongoing human spaceflight programme which was initiated by the Soviet Union in the early 1960s, originally part of a Moon landing project intended to put a Soviet cosmonaut on the Moon. It is the third Soviet human spaceflight programme after the Vostok and Voskhod programmes. 1979 Press Photo Oleg Cassini, Fashion Designer Legend - lrx79291 This is an original press photo. Oleg Cassini is a fashion legend. As the whole world knows, he has Jackie Kennedy Onassis to thank. It was she, as wife of the 35th President, who appointed Cassini, then a star of American fashion, as her "official" (1961-1963) White House designer. In July of 1984, the Salyut 7 was on the 155th day of its mission and things were going in a routine fashion until there was a sudden transmission from cosmonauts Commander Oleg Atkov, Vladmir Solovyov, and Leonid Kizim in which they claimed that the space station had suddenly been surrounded by an oppressive, blinding orange light. Oleg Atkov (n. 1949), cosmonaut rus Oleg Babenco (n. 1968), politician, filozof, profesor și doctor n Parlamentul Republicii Moldova, viceministru al Educației, rector al Universității Slavone din Moldova.

OLEG V. SAVCHENKO Born on 03 March 1967 in Mir town, Grodno region... R. Yu. Atkov has been repeatedly distinguished for his merits by the Navy and MoD commandment as well as noted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Rostislav Yu. Atkov has been honored with state decorations. Oleg J. Atkov is professor of medicine and head of the instrumental diagnostic methods department of the Russian National Research Medical University. He is also vice-president of Russian Railways with responsibility for healthcare. Space exploration - Space exploration - Crewed spaceflights, 1980–89: Crewed spaceflights during the 1980s are listed chronologically in the table.

The expedition featured seven participants, including Russia’s cosmonaut and Hero of the Soviet Union Oleg Atkov, France’s amphibious aviation pilot Loic Blaise. Oleg Atkov . Sergei Avdeev . Alexander Balandin . Yuri Baturin . Georgi Beregovoi † Anatoli Berezovoi † Andrei Borisenko . Nikolai Budarin. Valeri Bykovsky † Vladimir Dezhurov. Lev Dyomin † Vladimir Dzhanibekov . Konstantin Feoktistov † Anatoly Filipchenko . Yuri Gidzenko. Yuri Glazkov † Viktor Gorbatko † Georgi Grechko (DM Oleg Atkov (born 1949), Russian Cosmonaut. Oleg Babenkov (born 1985), Russian Professional Football Player. Oleg Baklanov (born 1932), Soviet Politician, Scientist And Businessman. Oleg Basilashvili (born 1934), Russian Film And Theatre Actor. Oleg Belyakov (born 1972), Uzbek Goalkeeper. Cosmonauts Leonid Kizim, Vladimir Solovyov and cardiologist Oleg Atkov were on their astonishing 155 th day aboard the Salyut 7, conducting “ medical experiments,” when the trio noticed what they described as an “ brilliant orange cloud ” surrounding the station. One of the most interesting celebrates the accomplishments of cosmonauts Leonid Kizim, Vladimir Solovyov, and Oleg Atkov. In October 1984, these three remarkable men completed a 237-day mission aboard the Salyut 7. During the mission they completed a … Oleg Zyatkov is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Oleg Zyatkov and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the...

Oleg Atkov and controllers in the TsUP were then able at last to pin down the precise location of the ruptured pipe. Leonid Kizim and Vladimir Soloviyov were dismayed to learn that they lacked tools adequate to complete the repair.

Soyuz-T 10 launch—Leonid Kizim, Vladimir Solovyov, and Oleg Atkov lift off for Salyut 7. This mission is sometimes called Soyuz T-10b in the West. February 21-April 1: Progress 19. April 3: Soyuz-T 11 launch—The spacecraft docks at Salyut 7’s aft port bearing Yuri Malyshev, Gennadi Strekalov, and Rakesh Sharma (India). They return to Transported a crew consisting of ship's commander L D Kizim, flight engineer V A Solovyov and cosmonaut-research O Y Atkov to the SALYUT-7 orbital station to conduct scientific and technical studies and experiments. 1984 October 2 -. Landing of Soyuz T-11 -. … Oleg Yur'yevich At'kov (Олег Юрьевич Атьков ) (born May 5, 1949 in Khvorostyanka, Kuybyshev Oblast, USSR) is a Soviet cosmonaut. He is married with one child. He is married with one child. Oleg Atkov: 62:22:43 : Docked with Salyut 7 station. Crew set space duration record of 237 days. Crew returned in Soyuz T-11. Soyuz T-11: Apr. 3, 1984: Yury Malyshev Gennady Strekalov Rakesh Sharma: 181:21:48: Docked with Salyut 7 station. Sharma first Indian in space. Crew returned in Soyuz T-10. Space Shuttle Challenger (STS 41-C) Apr. 6

One of the most interesting celebrates the accomplishments of cosmonauts Leonid Kizim, Vladimir Solovyov, and Oleg Atkov. In October 1984, these three remarkable men completed a 237-day mission aboard the Salyut 7.

Oleg Atkov: 8 February 1984 12:07 Soyuz T-10: 2 October 1984 10:57 Soyuz T-11: 236.95 EP-3: Yury Malyshev Gennadi Strekalov Soyuz T-10B was a manned Soviet mission launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome with cosmonauts Leonid Kizim, Oleg Atkov, and Vladimir Solovyov on board. It docked with the Salyut 7 space station and returned the crew of Soyuz T-11 to Earth. It was recovered on April 11, 1984 at 10:50 GMT, 100 miles E … First, cosmonauts Anatoly Berezovoi and Valentin Lebedev spent 211 days in space in 1982, returning home on Soyuz-T7. Then Leonid Kizim, Vladimir Solovyev and …

Yuri Malyshev (up), Gennadi Strekalov (up), Rakesh Sharma (up), Leonid Kizim (down), Vladimir Solovyov (down), Oleg Atkov (down) 3-Apr-84: 2-Oct-84: 181d:21h:49m: 11th international crew (USSR and India), to Salyut 7; returned in Soyuz T-10B. 41-C, Challenger (USA) Robert Crippen, Francis Scobee, George Nelson, James van Hoften, Terry Hart: 6 There prizes were presented by Mr. Yakunin, Metropolitan Vladimir of Omsk and Tara, and head of the Prize Committee Oleg Atkov, pilot-astronaut, Hero of the Soviet Union. Among those attending the ceremony were Archbishop Nifon of Philippopolis, head of the Moscow Representation of the Orthodox Church of Antioch; Bishop Anthony of Moravici 236 days — Leonid Kizim, Vladimir Solovyov, Oleg Atkov on Salyut 7 215 days — Mikhail Tyurin, Michael Lopez-Alegria on ISS 211 days — Anatoli Berezovoy, Valentin Lebedev on Salyut 7 Another member of the flight crew was Oleg Atkov, another retired Russian cosmonaut who logged 236 days, 22 hours, and 49 minutes in space on board the orbital complex Salyut-7-Soyuz-T. The Oleg Atkov. Oleg Yur'yevich At'kov (Russian: Оле́г Ю́рьевич Атько́в; born 5 May 1949) is a Soviet cosmonaut. Read also on Wikipedia > Site language: English | Русский (beta) Help with translations. This website is not an official tool for the game Elite: Dangerous and … Oleg Atkov: 237 days: Set a record for Soviet team endurance flight in orbiting space station. Challenger (U.S.) Jan. 28, 1986: Francis R. Scobee, Gregory Jarvis, Christa McAuliffe, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Judith Resnik, Michael Smith: 73 sec: Exploded upon takeoff … However, stories about such encounters, told by pilots, cosmonauts and astronauts, become classified immediately.In 1985, there were six crewmembers on board the Soviet Salyut-7 space station. They were cosmonauts Leonid Kizim, Oleg Atkov, Vladimir Solovyov, … Oleg Atkov. Menu. Movies. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. TV Shows. Salyut 7 was uncrewed after the undocking of Soyuz T-11 in October 1984 until Soyuz T-13 docked with the station in June 1985. Salyut 7 developed problems during the uncrewed time, which meant that the crew of Soyuz T-13 had to perform a manual docking and do repairs to the station. Oleg Atkov, Tom Jones, and Dumitru Prunariu represented the ASE NEO Committee at the five-day conference, with Jones and Prunariu participating in the final-day planetary defense exercise, addressing a hypothetical asteroid impact over Bangladesh.