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Randy Rainbow, "COVER YOUR FREAKIN' FACE!" As coronavirus cases continue to surge throughout the United States, President Donald Trump remains under fire for his continued insistence to not wear a

***NEW VIDEO*** Had a little pep talk with DT ahead of his Impeachment trial and now I'm probably his new campaign manager. 🤷‍♀️ #KeepAmericaDisney. PS - One of the most requested songs … Randy Rainbow Is A ‘Cuomosexual’ In A COVID-19 Love Song To The New York Governor The YouTube star’s viral parody “Andy!” thanks Andrew Cuomo for his daily press briefings. By ***NEW VIDEO*** From now on I identify as #Cuomosexual... ♥️ #StayHome #NewYorkTough #TellMeAboutItGov... THE BUNKER BOY - Randy Rainbow Song Parody. Randy Rainbow. 4.4M views May 19. 3:13. A SPOONFUL OF CLOROX - Randy Rainbow Song Parody. Randy Rainbow is back with a stinging new satirical song -- "If Donald Got Fired" -- and this time he's got the legendary Patti Lupone. The setting is the first presidential debate, with Biden and Trump playing their parts, but that hardly matters.

“Ya Got Trump Trouble” was Randy Rainbow’s first-ever political satire song about Trump. Randy made this video in response to Trump’s official GOP nomination in 2016, and it got more than Randy frames this performance as an “interview” intercut with video of Trump himself, but the president is just a prop to launch the song. It’s the usual Rainbow tour de force. Behind his trademark pink rhinestone glasses, he builds to a conclusion listing at length all of Trump’s horrific qualities, then pauses to observe, “You know