Monte alverno

Our 21st cache hide (and 1st EarthCache hide) (2010) Killiney. The coastal areas of Killiney are often compared to the Bay of Naples in Italy. This comparison is reflected in the names of surrounding roads, like Vico, Sorrento, Monte Alverno, San Elmo, and Capri. Beatrice was also a 50 year member of the St. Andrew mixed choir and served two terms on the Parish Council and was also an active retreat promoter for Monte Alverno Retreat Center in Appleton. Survivors include three sisters-in-law: Lorraine Lallensack, Manitowoc, Lucille Lallensack, Newton, and Angie Lallensack, Manitowoc. Presented by the Monte Alverno Staff March 20‐22: Married Couples Retreat Open to any couple seeking to grow spiritually in their marriage Theme: To be decided. March 28: One Day Retreat ‐ For Men and Women Theme: "When the Going Gets Tough: Franciscan Helps for the Journey" 2 It is Amalfi—just finished and stands opposite Monte Alverno near Capri! So that’s quite Riviera with La Scala and Milano above them! Vico Rd and the beautiful sea always remind me of the holiday I told you about. Musical Chairs is still on at the Abbey. The critique was not very encouraging so I did not go.