Celebes Rainbowfish, Celebes Sailfish [ Telmatherina ladigesi SYN : None PD : The Celebes Rainbowfish has a slender, elongated body with lateral compression. There are two dorsal fins, the first being very small. The first rays of the second dorsal fin and anal fin develop into long, thread-like appendages. Males are yellow-brown in color with Rainbowfish are members of several different families: Atherinidae, Telmatheriidae, Melanotaeniidae, and Pseudomugilidae. All of these fish come from streams, rivers and lakes of Australia, New Guinea, and Madagascar. Rainbowfish are small, extremely colorful fish that adapt well to a … Jewel Rainbowfish, Three-stripe Rainbowfish, Banded Rainbow [ Melanotaenia trifasciata SYN : Rhombosoma trifasciata PD : The coloration, pattern, and body shape is variable in this species depending on its origin. Generally the body is elongated and laterally compressed with an arched back. There are two dorsal fins, and the anal fin has a long

Rainbowfish; Killifish; Snails; Moss; Floating Plants; Cryptocoryne Plants; Foreground Plants; Stem Mid Ground Plants; Stem Background Plants; Corydoras; Danios; Cichlids; Items I Use; Pencilfish; Shrimp Freshwater Caridina (Soft Water) T-shirts and Swag; The Fish Room; YouTube Channel; Upcoming Events; Amazon Items I Use Links; Out of Stock Rainbowfish. Rainbowfish are a specialty tropical fish. Most people who keep rainbowfish have large tanks that are often occupied by nothing other than rainbowfish. That's because Rainbowfish grow quite large and most types of rainbowfish get along well together. Below you will find information about the Bosemani Rainbowfish and the Dwarf Neon Boesemani rainbowfish juveniles grow at a rapid growth rate. They can spawn at that age as well! That’s why breeding boesemani rainbows is an easy thing for a beginner hobbyist as well. Boesemani Rainbowfish Price. We can find boesemani rainbowfish for sale at almost any aquarium. The forktailed rainbowfish, Pseudomugil furcatus, is easy to breed, beautifully colored and relatively hardy. Less than two inches when fully grown, this small rainbowfish fits in well with other small shoaling fish in a well-planted community aquarium. Providing that this fish is transferred over to its new aquarium home slowly, it will adapt to a wide range of water conditions ranging from The Parkinson's Rainbowfish is a larger rainbow fish, reaching up to 5.91 inches (15 cm) in length. It is slender and long, but with age the body deepens and the back arches. The base body color is a dull lavender, with highly reflective silvery blue scales. Males will … A striking, brilliant orange Rainbowfish, the Albino Orange Millennium Rainbow is a xanthic color morph of the medium growing Glossolepis pseudoincisus.A peaceful, active schooling fish, they will do best in an aquarium with plenty of open swimming space and some cover in the form of plants or driftwood.