Is 1410 a good sat score

1410 Good Hope St Cape Girardeau, MO 63703 was last listed on 10/06/2008 for $109,900, which is $86 per square foot. It was on the market for 85 days, 4% lower than the Cape Girardeau's median of 89 days. Unique amenities include air conditioning, central heating. Discover more about the Cape Girardeau. Average SAT score: 1410. Average ACT score: 32. While many students found the curriculum demanding, they also thought there were plenty of opportunities and resources. A perfect SAT score is 1600. The minimum score is 400. And the average for the class of 2018 was 1068. But what is a “good” score? That depends on the colleges you’re considering. For Hasan Minhaj of the Netflix show Patriot Act , his score of 1310 — from 16 years ago — was the 1:10 score ratio between PSAT and SAT (as stated by College Board), and Estimated Relationship between ACT Score and SAT CR+M+W Score (from ACT). RPSAT ACT rPSAT ACT rPSAT ACT 1520 36 124026-27 960 18-19 1510 35-36 123026-27 950 18-19 1500 35 122025-26 940 18 1490 34-35 121025-26 930 17-18 1480 34-35 120025-26 920 17-18 Using PSAT 10 Scores to Project SAT Scores . The SAT Suite—from the PSAT 8/9 through the SAT—uses a common score scale for the total, section, test, and cross-test scores. The ranges reported for each assessment reflect grade-level appropriateness within the common scale. Thus, for the PSAT 10 … Percentage of students at or below each score. This table is designed to allow you to track user percentiles and scores from the 10th grade PSAT to the SAT. In order to maintain a percentile rank achieved on the 10th grade PSAT, a student must increase subsequent scores. For instance, 1140 on the PSAT in 10th grade would place a student “Ravi Bhatt is a Terrific teacher. He recognizes the children’s strengths and weaknesses and works with them better learners. My daughter’s SAT Scores improved from 1410 to 1560 under Ravi’s guidance. The environment is nurturing and encouraging which helps the kids immensely. Recommend it … The average SAT score composite at Pitzer College is a 1410 on the 1600 SAT scale. Many schools say they have no SAT score cutoff, but the truth is that there is a hidden SAT requirement. Next table and chart illustrate the changes of SAT scores at Pitzer College since 2018. Average SAT score for Northeastern University is 1435. Half of the admitted students have SAT scores from 1410 to 1540. Top 25% of admitted students has SAT score higher than 1540. Bottom 25% of admitted students has SAT score lower than 1410. You need to have at least 1410 as your SAT score to get into Northeastern University. Is a 1440 a good SAT score? Yes, with a score of 1440 you're amongst the best students in the country. It places you in the top 97th percentile nationally out of the …

Susie's 1420 places her squarely in the middle 50% group which means that, based upon SAT scores alone, Boston University is a good match school for Susie. Bentley University: 1240-1410: The middle 50% of Bentley University's current first year students scored between a 1240 and 1410.

Is 1410 considered a good score? My son is slightly bummed by it, but based on percentiles, it seems like a great score and we're proud of him. Any reason to think it's not good? 5 comments. Share. Save hide report. 86% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. SAT Scores Range 1140-1410 # of Full-Time Undergrads 37,234 rank 18. College College of William & Mary. Net Price $16,734 Niche Value Grade A+. Acceptance Rate 36.52% SAT Scores Range 1250-1470 # of Full-Time Undergrads 6,209 rank 19. College University of Wisconsin. Net To an ACT, as in “A 1400 on the new SAT would be a 30-ish score on the ACT”). You are welcome to make such informal comparisons with these data SOURCES: The Common Data Set 2016-17, The College Board; National Center for Education... North Carolina State University 1240-1410 27-31 North Dakota State University 1090-1370 21-26 Northeastern Is a score of 1070 on the SAT a good or bad score? Should I try to raise this score, or will it be acceptable in most colleges? I’m pretty sure my GPA WAS AROUND A 3.50 to a 3.70 or a 3.80. Thanks for your time.

How good is a score of 1410 in a SAT test? If it is out of 2400, then you may want to try to improve your score. A 1410 would be at around the 40th percentile, which would be below average. Standardized Test/GPA: Score: SAT Score: 1250-1410: SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 620-700: SAT Math: 610-720: ACT Composite: 27-32: Weighted GPA: 3.75–4.34 Is 1410 a good SAT score? This SAT score means that you scored better than 97.1% of test takers. Total Percentile: 97.1% Male Percentile: 96.7% Female Percentile: 97.4% In 2013, 3,190 students scored the equivalent of 1410 on the SAT. There were 1,660,047 test takers in 2013. (Data for 2013: Percentiles change depending on the year) An ACT or SAT exam may be required before applying to this institution. Scores between 1410 (25th percentile) - 1740 (75th percentile) on the SAT and in the range of 21 (25th percentile) - 27 (75th percentile) on the ACT is common among applicants accepted to ACU. Any score that lands you admission at a target program of your choice is a good SAT score. To determine this, you need to see the average numbers of the students targeting the SAT for your program. Obviously, you should aim for a score or atleast over 1400 to get admitted to a good college. 1: Ivy League Plus SAT Scores. Going by our standard recommendations for setting target scores, you’d need to get a 1580 new SAT scoreto be on par with the top 75% of students admitted to Ivy League Plus schools;students with scores below 1450 on the new SAT are unlikely to be accepted. The PSAT and SAT are scored on slightly different scales, but your TOTAL PSAT score is a direct indicator of your total SAT score. For example, a total PSAT score of 1000 means that, if you took the SAT on the same day, most likely you would have gotten a total SAT score of 1000. Learn more about what are good SAT scores .